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You can find out our powerful IPTV server just request a test line which will last 24h.

  • Our technicians constantly monitor each channel to give you maximum stability of the service.
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  • No Term contracts, No hefty fees, and freedom to watch TV everywhere. Make a choice from our variety of services and cut the cord.
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The most important question people keep asking

Should I repair my PC or buy a new one?
  • Some say that if the repair cost is more than one-third the cost of a relatively comparable, brand-new laptop, your money is better spent on the new computer. Consumer reports says if the repair is over half the cost of a replacement machine, don't repair it.
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Our most reliable information
  • Computer & PC repairs - Jminorca provide computer repairs on-site & online.
    Maintenance - All of the maintenance come with exclusive benefits including fixed prices and guarantee.
    Software installs - The setup of all kinds of programs /including device drivers and plugins. those soft or digital copy of the piece of software that are mandatory.
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Is your Computer worth fixing? Can you refurbish your laptop?
  • Well that's both a matter of opinion and personal preference, but in general a regular consumer should probably replace their computer every 5-10 years. Ten years may seem like an eternity in computer years, but computers are lasting a lot longer than they used to.

    It is entirely possible to refurbish a laptop for a small amount and if you have the cleaning products to hand. However, if you're handing it over to a family member or friend, spending a little extra on memory or a new hard drive is definitely something I would suggest.
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  • Do you facing Mag firmware problem or device faulty?
    We fix all kinds of Mag Devices, we use a stable software for any devices, please let us know how can we help .
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Now you may have everything
  • Right at your fingertips. With our Plug and Play Technology you can even get everything installed in just a few minutes, Get instant access to your favorite channels on every device, We make it easy to watch your programs on multiple devices. With TV Streams Now you can watch everything in HD Quality. IPTV Jminorca recently launched their service with an impressive channel lineup and video-on-demand library.
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Everyone's IPTV
  • It’s almost impossible to please everyone with one IPTV service. Some are looking for live TV from the UK, US others require more exotic international channels, yet others are primarily focused on VOD content. Bringing all of these requirements together and trying to still provide a rock solid service is extremely difficult, and most fail. IPTV Subscription does not try to be the jack of all trades, their focus is crystal clear: provide a reliable IPTV service that focuses on multi language TV for the whole family.
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  • Join up and get access to all the fun by purchasing the powerful IPTV stream TV via internet World wide. FHD Quality-Works with Standard Network -VPN integrated -IPTV Jminorca online & onsite services.
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